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How EMFs Impact Your Microbiome

The following is transcript of Dr Ruggiero discussing how EMFs impact the human microbiome as part of the most recent BodyElectric Summit.

Dr Ruggiero explains the effects of EMFs not only on the human cells (that is, the human cells that have our DNA) but also on those cells that are inside us, the microbiome.

He notes that considering that the human microbiome is involved in development and function of all the systems and organs and most notably the immune system, the effects on the microbiome is one of the mechanisms where electromagnetic fields exert their dangerous biological effects.

Dr Ruggiero also discusses how he has developed a technology where we can exploit the ability of certain types of microbes to withstand enormous amounts of damage inflicted by EMFs, whether ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation. The technology then transfers the ability of these microbes, using quantum entanglement of DNA to the microbes of our microbiome, and in turn, these transfer the acquired resistance to radiation, or the ability to repair radiation damage, to our human cells.

Dr Ruggiero's discussion can be downloaded here.