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Monitoring HRV with Praesidium

Heart Rate Variability is a widely accepted measure of the health of the human body, particularly as a measure of a person’s stress levels. People with low HRV can easily experience acute stress while people with high HRV rarely experience stress and their cardiovascular system is in superior condition. Higher HRV has been found to be associated with reduced morbidity and mortality, and improved psychological well-being and quality of life.

Praesidium acts by shielding and protecting healthy cells from electromagnetic radiation. This, in turn, reduces the stress on the body and corresponds with higher HRV within subjects consuming Praesidium.

Most Praesidium customers report that the benefits they feel are obvious within a few days to a few weeks. However a more objective measure is to monitor a person’s sleeping HRV before commencing a Praesidium protocol, and then for several weeks after consuming one Praesidium capsule per day.

To understand your own HRV improvements while using Praesidium to shield from EMF radiation and stresses, we recommend the following monitoring:
  1. Using an HRV capable device*, monitor your average sleeping HRV daily for one week prior to consuming your first Praesidium capsule. This is your baseline HRV measured during the control week.
  2. Continue monitoring sleeping HRV daily for three consecutive weeks while consuming one Praesidium capsule each day.
  3. Average the daily HRV scores for each week to produce an Average Sleeping HRV (ASHRV) for each of the four HRV monitoring weeks.
  4. Assess each ASHRV score for Weeks 1, 2 and 3, as compared to the ASHRV score from the control week.

Printable instructions found here.

Appendix 1: Demonstrated Sleeping HRV in subjects while consuming Praesidium Probiotic EMF Protector

Subject 1:


Subject 2: 


* HRV capable devices include most smart watches, or specific chest monitoring devices designed for active monitoring. It is highly advisable to deactivate Bluetooth functionality while monitoring sleeping HRV