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5G EMF sensitivity not being reduced

I have used this product for two months now and I’m still getting heavy brain vibrations, buzzing and ringing in the ears, electrical burning sensations in the head and body. The EMFs in the UK are really bad. Just came back from 10 days in Ibiza where it is significantly less strong and I was starting to feel like my old self again and had so much more energy. Soon as the plane was flying into the UK I was getting the heavy buzzing frequencies again. I have been suffering for over 4 years now ever since the 5G was being tested and rolled out.


Much more going than expected ; Quantum.


I’m taking it! Unfortunately still have a problem with pain in my arms. Guess the answer is to get get rid of the computer. Maybe it takes more time.

Praesidium 3 months supply
Faisal Al Mejren
It was great

The product and service is great my face skin is clearer I’m getting deep sleep now and I know I’m protected by emf radiation everywhere I go thanks a million for this great product

My quality of life has increased dramatically

I'm ~25 days into the 30 day supply - I'm finding that my quality of sleep has improved, I wake up more refreshed, I feel more energized during the day, and my mood seems more stable over the course of the day. I have also lost ~7 lb during this time - not a lot of my other habits have changed, so it seems it must be the addition of the Praesidium to my routine! Thank you so much for this product!

Sleep and Skin awesome

Sleeping thru the night
Skin feels smoother

Better sleep

It's a nice perk to sleep better, although this is not why I started taking Praesidium. I'm sure better sleep is equivalent to better overall health.

Felt better but slight upset stomach

I felt better taking Praesidium; however, it caused some stomach upset so I stopped taking it.

Dear Alejando, thank you for your feedback. We have emailed to you a protocol from Dr Ruggiero for a topical application of Praesidium that we believe will be helpful in your circumstance where Praesidium is beneficial to you but (for whatever reason) may not be easily consumed orally in your case. Best wishes from the Praesidium Life Team.

I feel great on it.

I wish it was less expensive, I am not sure at this price how long I can continue taking it.

Praesidium 3 months supply
Sara Lee Langsam
I like it very much. I am glad I am taking it.

I bought it to protect myself from 5 G which is being used now in many locations. So far I have felt good. I am glad I bought it.

Praesidium 3 months supply
Betsy Devarakonda
Definitely sleeping better

It’s probably been a little less than a month of taking praesidium and I definitely noticed deeper sleep. I have cancer so I am definitely hoping for even deeper support. Really hoping it is a good part of my overall protocol but too soon to say for sure.

Doing the best I can

I am happy to get a 3 month supply cause It’s one less thing to order every 30 days, love this supplement cause it makes me feel I m doing all that’s possible to keep myself healthy

30 Day Praesidium Review

So far, so good.

Praesidium 3 months supply
Christopher Lane

There are many significant changes in my dietary intake right now, but I certainly feel very energised and focussed. So, until I can figure out what is what, I will refrain from giving it a five star rating.

Fantastic Health Product

I’m very sensitive to EMF pollution so this product is amazing! I’m no longer experiencing migraine headaches and have better mental clarity and ability to focus.
I needed to start gradually. Taking the supplement every second or third day to begin with. It is also helping my body detox from heavy metals.

It's been only 5 days since I started to take your Praesidium. It looks something inside of me happening to change, and feels like being better. I've been heavily toxified from EMF radiation, especially from the dirty electricity such as brain headaches, a stingings on hands, wrists, arms and face. I feel good in the morning hours. I've had prebiotics and probiotics every morning.
I am concerned if this would affect or do not get well Praesidium. Pls advise
if I'd better stop taking them. thanks, Moon K

Interesting approach

It does seem to be making me less sensitive to EMF exposures.

Most interesting and credible approach

This is the most interesting and credible approach to help reduce the health effects of #wireless and #EMF that I have seen. Probiotics with high radiation resistance that help to improve heart rate variability (#HRV), #sleep, #detox and DNA repair and #cancer radiation therapy. My body has been feeling stronger after taking these for the last week. (via Facebook: )

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Austalia. I felt the benefits within a day of taking presidium. Will be recommending to my patients.

Deep sleep

I have been taking the Praesidium, recommended by a friend, for a week now. I noticed my sleep has really improved. Normally when we go to our Beach House up North, I have this amazing deep sleep. I have noticed the same amazing quality sleep, since taking the Praesidium. So happy I found this.

I just started on the Praesidium and feel much better, Its the same feeling I get when being in the Mountains to our Cabin during holidays. Feeling calm and relaxed, clear headed and energized. We really don't know how the city living affects us. It's a worry, so happy I found this product.

No longer insomniac

I am an insomniac, like to watch movies on my ipad and then can't sleep.
I can't be bothered with the blue blocker glasses really.
Since taking the Presidium, I don't have a problem going to sleep and sleeping through the night deeply. I wake up refreshed and ready to go. Thanks Presidium

Radiation damage

I recently had a CT spect scan for my back injury , and was worried about all the radiation.
I feel I have found something that will counter this and repair any radiation damage. I am taking the Praesidium to protect me against those effects. Its a God sent.

Worked for me

Praesidium definitely worked for me. Thanks everyone for your advice and support before I brought the capsules

New customer

Thought i would give it a go cos of the new tower on my street. my bad headaches went away in about a week. Came in a nice box kept safe with clear film. Professional.